Dear Signore Diritore

Dear Signore Diritore
As a young christian man I comma to your hotella for staia there fo ona nigt.
Whena i comma to my room, i see there is no shit in my beda, no one can sleep whit no shit in there beda. So i calla down to receptione and say: I wonna shit.
They say: Go to toilett.
I say: No you dont understanda, i wanna shit in my beda.
They say: You better not shit in your bed, your sonnowa bitch.

What is a sonnaw bitch?

Then i goa to your ristorante for breakfast. I asked for egg, and two pissis of toast. I gat only one piss. So i tella waitres: I wanna piss.
She say: Go to toilett.
I say: No no, i wanna piss on the plate.
She say: You better not piss on the plate, your sonnowa bitch.

Seconda people who dont even know me called me sonnowa bitch. When i go for dinner, i spoon and knife on my table, but no fuck so i tella waitress: i wanna fuck.
She sayd: Shure, everyone wanna fuck.
I sayd: No no you missunderstand me, iwanna fuck on the table.
She said: So, you wanna fuck on the table your sonnowa bitch, get your ash out of here.

So i go to reciptione and ask for the billi i wanna no more stand at your hotella.
When i leaw the portiere say to me: Travle in pice.
I say: Piss on yourself your sonnowa bitch. So i go back to Napoli and never more comma back to your hotella your sonnawa bitch.

Sincerely Enriko Morelli